The Spurs go marching on-or do they?

Spurs are on the verge of ending the season in the very same vain in which they started it back in August ! The last three fixtures have seen them start well, score to go ahead, then get pegged back-or as was the case against Southampton, overhauled.

With fans and players sharing  in the disappointment, what’s the reason for the late season failure to pick up crucial points? There are a number of reasons- or excuses , depending on how you like to see things. The absence of experience in the young side and the stellar performances by their opponents are two factors for sure. West Brom’s second half performance , Chelsea’s rousing from the dead and Southampton’s organisation, discipline, and focus have conspired to thwart Spurs from marching on.

Southampton had something to play for , Chelsea and West Brom very little- so why weren’t they ‘on the beach’ and instead, so determined? The likely answer is that Spurs have become victims of their success. Throughout the season they’ve won the plaudits of the footballing elite, which has made them targets; it’s what happens at the top.

If they are going to continue to advance and grow then they are going to have to learn from this season and learn to how to  overcome all manner of opposition. Just like a locksmith charged with the duty of gaining entry, they’re are going to have to find a key for every door !



Hazard ‘le strop’…

In suddenly stepping out of his self-imposed season slumber, Eden Hazard has probably done more harm to himself than good. Yes , he has talent, more talent than many teams possess , collectively, but would you want this’strop’ in your ranks?

What to say about the attitude of a player who, alone, decides when it’s ‘time to play’. He was the league’s number one player last year;he has what it takes and the ‘it’ was on full display last night. So,  what so  ‘turned him on’ last night ? , is one question, what or who conspired to turned him off from this season? , another – but the more important question: would you want him in your side?

One thing we’ve learnt from Leicester City this year is that a TEAM – Together Each Achieve More-counts for far more that any one individual, with even the greatest amount of talent.

No superstars , no Prima Donnas, no nonsense – just a bunch of honest players, who play for, and respect each other- winners in every sense of the word-well done Leicester City.

Hazard wouldn’t be worthy !